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Toshiba SCiB battery system

Dramatically high efficiency and battery life for electric power and energy.

Low-temperature Operation

Usable even at -30°C

SCiBTM exhibits low degradation even when it is charged and discharged at -30°C. Thus, SCiBTM can be used for applications that are exposed to low temperatures, such as home battery storage systems and street lamps.


Low risk of fire or explosion

There is a very low risk of fire or explosion from internal short circuit caused by external pressure or other factors. Therefore, SCiBTM is suitable for various applications requiring high levels of safety and reliability, such as automobiles, industrial equipment and stationary systems.

Long life

Cycle life of 15,000 times or more

Only a small degree of capacity degradation occurs even after more than 15,000 cycles* of 60A charging and discharging. SCiBTM also requires low maintenance even when it is used in applications that perform frequent charging/discharging such as large-scale storage battery systems, hence being environment-friendly.
* Measured by Toshiba using a 20Ah cell under specific conditions 

Rapid charging

SCiBTM can be charged with large current, enabling it to be used in automobiles, buses and other vehicles that require quick charging similar to refilling a gasoline car. Also, frequent rapid charging does not cause significant deterioration in the SCiBTM performance. 

Rapidly charges to about 80% of the capacity in 6 minutes

High input/output

Large current for both input and output

SCiBTM can be charged and discharged at high current rate. Therefore, SCiBTM can accept a large amount of regenerative energy in a short time as produced by a train or an automobile when the brake is being applied, and supply a large current to the motor during vehicle start-up/acceleration.

Wide effective SOC* range

Available SOC range of 0 to 100%

SCiBTM exhibits excellent input/output characteristics over a wide SOC (State of Charge) range of 0-100%. This makes it possible to reduce the nominal battery capacity or amount of batteries necessary for a system.

SCiBTM uses lithium titanium oxide in its anode to achieve excellent characteristics

Scalable battery systems

SCiBTM Type3 Battery Module

Capable of constructing various scales of battery systems

Several SCiBTM cells are combined to provide user-friendly modules.Depending on the requirement, battery systems of various sizes can be built. This product can be used in a wide range of applications that support social infrastructure, from public, industrial, electric power and transportation systems to general households.

The robustness of the Type3 battery module has been enhanced for various types of applications. The pressure resistance and vibration resistance have been improved so that this product can be used at up to -30 ° C and 2000 m of altitude.

Examples of module application

Batteries for UPS
Batteries for energy storage
Batteries for renewable energy

Uninterruptible power system (UPS)
Communication equipment, traffic light,etc.

Energy Storage Systems
Solar power generation or charging for midnight power

Renewable energy
Solar power generation facilities, etc.

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